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Amanda Blaikie, of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, will be presenting an intensive Opera Excerpt Masterclass for flutists preparing for the upcoming Principal Flute Audition with the Michigan Opera Theatre. Having been Principal Flute of the Michigan Opera Theatre for five seasons and the Sarasota Opera for two seasons, she is excited to coach advanced flutists on these excerpts. She has invited MOT's very own pianist, Jean Schneider, to accompany the class to help flutists gain a wider understanding and context of these excerpts.

The Opera Excerpt Masterclass will cover the entire MOT Principal Flute audition list (yet to be announced) of 8-10 selected performers and will be held at the Detroit Opera House in the Handleman Classroom (4th Floor). The afternoon will consist of two masterclass sessions of approximately 8-10 total selected performers. An hour-long break will take place for flutists to explore the opera house and/or grab food at a local cafe. 


All are invited to audit the masterclass. 

To perform or audit, please submit the application form and fee by February 14, 2018. Performers must also submit a CD with any recording of choice (excerpts, repertoire, etc.,). Performer applicants will be notified of their acceptance via e-mail on February 19, 2018 and  will be informed of which excerpts to present for the masterclass. All performer applicants are welcome to audit the masterclass regardless of their application status.

Please email any questions to:

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