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Amanda Blaikie's


My  5 Daily Exercises  developed as a result of needing to play in Olympic condition initially for orchestral auditions, and then later as a flutist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. In addition to Moyse Long Tones and technical scale work, these exercises will strengthen all of the other crucial aspects of flute-playing required to win a job. With daily diligence, you will be able to do anything on the flute!  

They include: Harmonics, Pinky, Intonation, and Double- and Triple-tonguing exercises. They are currently available in PDF and ePub formats for ease of use with tablets and phones-- or they can be printed.

To purchase, click the PayPal link below. The exercises will then be e-mailed to you along with tips and tricks for each one. Please contact me if you have any questions!

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